How They Do It

From what I understand, a similar process ensues for poets, musicians, bloggers, painters, and freelance journalists, although on rare occasions lacrosse may at times be substituted for polo.

Joe Dator in The New Yorker

2 thoughts on “How They Do It

    • I hate when that happens. Here at Shalblog Industries® the corrupt local firepole inspectors rejected our diamond-encrusted poles, because they claimed that they could be a hazard to employees’ hands as they slid down. Totally bogus. We replaced them with solid platinum, and the laugh’s on them, because they provide a very smooth ride going down; our butlers are able to send down sunnyside up breakfast eggs which slide directly along the poles to nourish us on the way down.

      Sorry–have to run now. The plane is about to leave to take us for our morning swim which we like to call “Mediterranean Morning Madness.”

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