On Unwanted Change

We usually don’t do more than one post a day, but here we are:

In line with the basic rule that any time a program is updated it will suck even more, have less functionality than before, lose data, ruin your work flow, and take hours to actually get this worse version to come to some semblance of rudimentary performance and/or appearance, WordPress, without announcement, has “retired” our blog theme and also instituted a new editor to create posts.

No matter what imagined benefits the flacks at WP may pitch to us, it’s spinach and we say the hell with it.

Here at Shalblog Industries® our teeming minions have always striven to give the reader a decent daily blog experience. After almost six years of daily posts, the frustration level with these “improvements” is reaching the boiling point. It will take us a while to adjust, so in the next few days, you may see the appearance of the site change its design somewhat. We will still post everyday, it’s just that the layout will probably look different. For example, the blog name is ridiculously large, and there doesn’t seem a way to do anything about that. But don’t worry, it’s still us, the same Shalblog Industries® team scouring the world daily to bring you the finest in musings, memories and magic .

8 thoughts on “On Unwanted Change

  1. ahuh. ahuh. 🤔
    …and in the end,
    you’ll probably raise the price, 😕
    …charge us the double, 🙁
    …..only write twice a week, ☹️

    and spend your winters in southern France…..😎

    Google. Facebook. Paypal.,..and Shaloom.
    ,…life’s hard,
    here at the bottom. 😔

  2. p.s.: In all honesty Jack(!),
    I LIKE the larger Text!


    First my eyes started ‘going’,..
    I needed glasses.

    Now my mind’s starting to go,…
    I can never FIND my glasses!

    I like the bigger Text. 👍

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