The Young Lords: A Radical History, Part 1

In her fascinating new book, The Young Lords, Professor Johanna Fernández makes a compelling case that the Young Lords were one of the most important revolutionary groups of the late 60s and early 70s. They won lasting victories by coupling street smarts, sophisticated organizing techniques, and intense political analyses. There’s much to be learned from their story, both successes and failures, which is cogently and lovingly told by the author.

Click on the triangle or image above to hear my interview with Johanna Fernández, as broadcast today on the Arts Express radio program, heard on WBAI NYC and Pacifica stations across the nation.

You can find Part 2 here:

2 thoughts on “The Young Lords: A Radical History, Part 1

    • Thanks, David. I’m doing fine here. I hear your show on WBAI, still going strong.

      The story of the Young Lords is a remarkable one, and Johanna tells it very well. I was a young teen when the Young Lords were active, so I was aware of them, but to learn the sophistication of their thinking and strategies was eye-opening for me.

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