The Sixth Annual Shalom Blog Magic Contest

It’s time once again for this blog’s annual magic contest!

So here is the challenge this year:

What are the two (three is optional) most memorable magical effects you’ve ever seen? Tell us the circumstances, and why you were so impressed by those effects. That’s it. In your entry, see if you can put the reader in your place, and see if you can transmit some of that feeling that you experienced.

First prize is first choice from the terrific grab bag of magic books I’ve put together; second prize is second choice from the grab bag; and third prize, in a parallel, numerically pleasing manner, is third choice from the grab bag. The items in the grab bag are all commercial books, at least one of which, I guarantee, you will be very happy to have.

All are welcome to participate. And even if you were a past winner before, feel free to participate again as long as you were not a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place winner last year.

And in the spirit of everyone being a winner, I’ll ask all entrants to allow me to make up a pdf file which includes their entry. This pdf will NOT BE SOLD, but will be offered only as a free download to all those who entered.

Send your entries please to

Make sure to put the word CONTEST in the subject line

Deadline Monday,  November 2, 11:59 PM. In case of a tie, earlier entries get preference.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

4 thoughts on “The Sixth Annual Shalom Blog Magic Contest

  1. Hi Jack! I was driving in small town Iowa today listening to local public radio and was amazed to hear your voice discussing the young lords. It’s not a magical effect, but it did seem pretty magical to hear a voice from Landmark in an unexpected place. Hope you and family are well in these bizarro times,
    Erik Shold

    • Wow, Eric that’s amazing. So good to hear from you! It’s a small world. I hope you and your family are doing well. Your children must be big now!

      Arts Express is picked up by affiliates across the country. I think KHOI in Iowa is one of the stations. Some nice people affiliated with that place. I understand Dennis Joyce has a radio program originating from upstate New York.

      Well, thanks for stopping by here Eric. We’re all doing great here, thanks for asking.

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