David Graeber: Bullshit Jobs

David Graeber died last month and it was a real loss. The radical anthropologist was probably best known as the author of Debt: The First 5000 Years, but my favorite book of his is the quirky Bullshit Jobs: A Theory. Here’s my commentary on this important book as broadcast today on the Arts Express program on WBAI FM NYC and Pacifica affiliates across the country.

Click on the triangle or the image above to listen.

4 thoughts on “David Graeber: Bullshit Jobs

  1. Jack, GREAT piece!

    I KNOW it’s great,
    because after listening to it,
    EVERyONE(!) at the breakfast table was arguing!..! 🙃

    You really took me for a roller-coaster ride.
    I was nodding my head,
    ..shaking my head,
    squringing my face,
    ..smiling ‘YES’,….

    Great ending!

    i’d never heard of David Graeber before.

    Thanks Jack.

    • Thanks so much for the feedback, Dennis. I couldn’t have asked for a better response than “everyone at the breakfast table was arguing”!

      I grew up with a much treasured memory of all kinds of political discussions around my parents’ dining room table. It taught us to hold our political beliefs up to scrutiny and debate. Nice to know that there are other people who also consider that a valuable thing.

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