Letter From Brooklyn

With all the election week brouhaha, I got to thinking about the mail, and then recalling an essay I wrote here a few years ago about letter writing. Here’s a revised version of that essay that I aired for the Arts Express radio program. Click on the triangle or link to hear it as broadcast today on WBAI.org and Pacifica affiliates across the nation.

4 thoughts on “Letter From Brooklyn

  1. Well,
    I’m glad you didn’t put THAT letter,
    in a bottle!

    “Your best”,…
    too simple and silly to say.
    I can only say “Brilliant”.

    Somethings can hit so hard,
    only a piece of comedy
    can settle me down.

    A really fine piece Jack.
    Thank you.

    p.s.: A smile for you.

  2. Your mention of your wife’s Jewish grandmother’s last letter from Vienna during World War II is haunting. I assume the horrific worst.

    I just heard this essay for the first time today. It evokes memories of my own relationship to letter writing and those of our generation, Jack. In a way, modern electronic communication including email and social media have revived written communication albeit not the letter.

    Coincidently, just the other day I stumbled upon a box of old letters between some relatives of mine. The correspondents were very old ladies when I was just a young boy and their letters dated from their own younger years.

    I am always impressed by the beautiful, practicesd script in which they wrote. The narrow yellowed envelopes and old one and two cent stamps that have been hand cancelled tell their age.

    I was surprised by how they wrote each other every few days or even more often. I was also unimpressed with the generally mundane nature of the letters contents, nothing about which I would write a letter.

    Then I realized, these letters were written before the widespread advent of the first real electronic letter writing killer: the telephone!

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