David And The Recruiter

I thought it would be fun to read an excerpt from my novel, The New World. It’s a tale set in New York City that follows the struggles and triumphs of four generations of strivers, lovers, and grabbers- of-life.

This excerpt focuses on 20 year-old David Walker who has just been discharged from the army in Iraq for trying to shoot up his sergeant. Fortunately for David, he was able to cash in some chips to get out from the brig and escape with only a dishonorable discharge. Now returned home to live with his mother, he wonders how he’ll survive, with his major skill being cheating at cards. And despite many attempts to track down the old love of his life, Jennifer, he cannot find her.

Click on the triangle or link above to hear the excerpt as broadcast today on the Arts Express radio program on WBAI FM NYC and Pacifica affiliates across the country.

3 thoughts on “David And The Recruiter

  1. Jack(!),
    glad to hear you finally took it out(!..!),
    from underneath your pillow!
    ….kinda tough to sleep, eh? ☺️

    It’s great you write Jack.
    The great Writer, Tom Robbins,
    when asked: “What makes a Writer ‘great”?”
    He replied: “Great Writers write.”

    Thanks for sharing this,
    …and sleep well tonight!

    p.s.: i KNOW jennifer re-appears(!),..
    but how? and when?,…and why? 🤔
    You kinda OWE us, Jack! 😡

    • Thanks, Dennis. Jennifer does reappear, but there are a lot of intertwining stories and characters, so it’s kind of complicated…

      Yes, I pulled this one out from under the pillow. It’s been finished for a while, shopped around, got some nice comments for myself as a writer, but also, “but it’s not quite for us…” so it’s kinda in limbo.
      I self-published a couple of copies for family and friends but never released it to the general public, thinking that one day I would get the energy to send it out to agents again.

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