February’s Feast

Celebrating our second year of publication!
Another great free issue of the Arts Express Newsletter

*Why was this Arts Express interview censored from YouTube with no explanation?…… An Arts Express Special featuring an extraordinary interview with Mike Africa Jr., member of the radical MOVE organization. He is also the subject of a new documentary about his parents, 40 Years A Prisoner.

*Art At A Time Like This presents a multi-borough billboard exhibition, “Ministry of Truth 1984/2020,” exploring issues of propaganda, censorship, and racial injustice in our present time.

*Dennis Broe on depictions of working-class families in recent television series.

*and much more!

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2 thoughts on “February’s Feast

  1. Jack(!),
    you’ve been censored(!)?..!!..???!!


    This is like the minute when
    Bob Woodward holds his pen over your head,
    as you’re kneeled before him.
    ….ink drips out,
    and spoils your toupee..

    Jack, YOU’VE MADE IT.

    p.s.: Jack, hopefully that youtube video,
    wasn’t just some smudligy pornographic flick
    you and your wife put together,….(!).


    but you do HAVE a special way about you Jack. 🤔
    You’re probably the FIRST radio-broadcaster
    who was censored, for a film he made!

    Keep up the good work!
    Dennis AND(!) Monika (💋)

    • Thanks, Dennis and Monika!

      Just to be more specific: each week as our radio show Arts Express is broadcast over the radio, originating out of WBAI FM in NY, we also distribute that same show as a podcast so that people can listen at the time they want. We’re on a lot of the podcast platforms–Google, iTunes, Spotify, and so on. YouTube also allows you to post audio-only “videos” as well–it’s an automatically generated process from the digital audio file of the show. Well, the process was going smoothly until…this one show. And the process continued smoothly after…this one show.

      Now sometimes YouTube rejects podcasts for copyright reasons–if, for example, you are using copyrighted music and the copyright owner does not waive rights, or you do not re-assign monetary rights to the copyright owner, you can get a copyright strike against you and the video pulled.

      But that is *not* the case here. Because when there is a copyright strike against you, you are immediately notified and have a chance to make amends. *But this was not the case here* Rather the video was up for a day or two and then disappeared with absolutely no explanation.

      YouTube does censor for political reasons, that’s pretty well documented. So until we hear otherwise, I am going to have to assume that was the reason that show was disappeared.

      And now I must go and squeeze the ink out of my toupee…

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