Downy Soft

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This male (the red nape) Downy Woodpecker looks a lot like a miniature version of its larger cousin, the Hairy Woodpecker. They’ve both got very similar markings including a white back, but the Downy is around 6″ compared to the Hairy’s 9″.

One advantage of trying to photograph birds in winter is that you can get a clearer shot without leaves in the way.

Marine Park Salt Marsh

Brooklyn, New York

1 thought on “Downy Soft

  1. I had a woodpecker in a shoe box, once. It had smashed into someone’s storm door and some kids brought it to me. I thought it was dead; but, as I sat in the basement with the door open, watching television, it suddenly woke up and flew away.

    Later, I saw a Tom and Jerry cartoon that showed me how useful woodpeckers actually are. I should’ve put a lid on that box…

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