2 thoughts on “Morning Mourning Doves

  1. Jack, I have to admitt:
    I’m not a bird watcher.
    ….altho more then one chicken on a grill have caught my eye.

    I have to say: I’m amazed(!), there are so many different types of birds!
    ,…especially in New York City!..!

    What a want to ask, however IS:
    How do you take these great photos?

    Is it ‘just’ with your cell-phone?
    …or, do go walking with a ‘camera’?
    …and special lens.
    Just curious.


    p.s.: You,..’probably’ already know this,..but,
    Ian Fleming found the name of his most famous spy,
    from a book, laying in his hotel room.
    ‘Birds of the West Indies’,
    by ornithologe…..James Bond.

    p.s.s.: Have a great week Jack.
    0084 and 1/2. (😋)

    • No, I didn’t know about James Bond. That’s cool!

      Strangely, it turns out many kinds of birds can be found in NYC, if only as visitors. The birds see these large patches of green from overhead, like Central Park in Manhattan, and Prospect Park in Brooklyn, so they come down to check it out, and some like to stay, especially in the warmer weather.

      In the cold weather, on the other hand, those birds who decided to stick around are more visible, both because of the decreased foliage, and the birds are more willing to come out of hiding because they need to find their daily allotment of food.

      I am using a camera most of the time, but not a very fancy one; it’s just a glorified point and shoot, but it has a nice 40x zoom on it. It’s a Canon SX740HS. I like it because it’s not much bigger than a pack of cigarettes so I can carry it around without breaking an arm or being mistaken for a terrorist with a grenade launcher on his shoulder. It’s not inexpensive, but I like the pictures this camera takes better than more expensive cameras I’ve owned.


      But…if you want to see some *Spectacular* bird photography, you must go to my sister Bev’s website. She takes professional quality pics:


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