Early Bird, Worm

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Well, I screwed up yesterday and posted twice, which seems appropriate since I rarely know whether I’m coming or going. Here’s a photo for Sunday so we’re back on track again.

Prospect Park

Brooklyn, New York

4 thoughts on “Early Bird, Worm

  1. Today,…’Pentacost’..
    the day,
    Christians cellebrate:
    ‘The coming of the Holy Spirit’,..
    in the form of a bird,,..


    Jack makes a ‘mistake’…. 😕

    ‘Mistakes’!…the TRUE Beauty of Life!

    Only those who are living,..trying,..make them.

    NÖ need for Apologies!

    ….those NOT making them,….should be apologizing.

    Thank Jack!

    * Two yesterday, 🤔
    This isn’t going to cost us extra,, is it?

  2. i’m really sorry Mr. Shalom,…
    …you got me going today.
    (i will restrain myself,….the rest of the week. 😔)

    ‘The early bird gets the worm.
    But the ‘late mouse’ gets, the cheese.’

    (one of ‘Dennis-the-late-sleepers’ favourite commandments.)


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