Secret Identity Uncovered

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These little guys had me puzzled–so many sandpipers look alike to me! But when they did a short flight, they gave themselves away: their white rumps in flight marked them as–what else?–White-rumped Sandpipers. A first for me.

Plumb Beach

Brooklyn, New York

2 thoughts on “Secret Identity Uncovered

  1. Well Jack,
    now you’ve done it.
    I never HAD looked at a birds ‘rump’ before(!). 🤔
    ….sand-piper or not.

    Monika, as much as she loves you,…
    is getting worried. (😳)

    …i’m thankfull! 🙃

    We,…BOTH wish you a great week,
    …with many….’firsts'(!). 👍

    🙋🏻 🚶

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