“If I Were A Man…”

In our Arts Express Playhouse, a short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Gilman is best known for her novella The Yellow Wallpaper, but she also wrote hundreds of other short stories. The one I’m reading above, “If I Were a Man,” was written in 1914, before women even had the right to vote in the US, but it seems a whole lot more modern.

Click on the triangle or mp3 link above to hear the story as broadcast today on the Arts Express radio show, heard on WBAI-FM NYC and Pacifica affiliates across the nation.

4 thoughts on ““If I Were A Man…”

  1. “How about that!??!!”

    Thanks Jack(!).
    You‘re constantly introducing me to ’new‘ names,…and birds. (☺️)
    I appreciate this.

    I’d never heard of Charlotte Gilman before.
    …what a great piece!

    I honestly was thinking,..
    `I don‘t really think I‘m gonna like this….’ 😏

    “How about that?..!!..?” !!

    A good writer,…thinker,..can really ‘turn’ someone(!),
    …not just confront them.

    Thanks Jack.
    I really enjoyed the peice.

    Have a sweet weekend(!). 🙃
    dennis,…and Monika
    🙋‍♂️ 🙋🏻

  2. Jack that was awesome. I once wrote a pastiche of the Yellow Wallpaper for an adult ed writing class at Brooklyn College called The White Bars…

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