5 thoughts on “The Ring, The Watch, And The Wallet

  1. I am always surprised by how often the magicians do not try to fool Penn & Teller, seemingly acknowledging at the start they are not doing anything innovative. I’ve read a few books on the early magic, like Steinmeyer’s Hiding the Elephant, and it seems like the competition to innovate was greater (and more fierce) in the early days. But my opinion is based solely on watching the P&T show. For all I know it still could be pretty dangerous out there. Any thought, Jack?

    • Hi George. That was a pretty old video–even before Alyson was the host. And Ben Seidman was pretty young, before any national exposure. So yeah, his plan was clearly to get his name out there with something he can do well, and that has a good audience impact, even though P&T are bound to know the origin of the trick. But he’s been on the show more recently, and I guarantee no one else is doing this original one of his:

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