1 thought on “Gentle On My Mind

  1. Good ‘monday morning’ Jack! 🙋🏼‍♂️.
    🤔,..Thanky for the ‘Molly Tuttle tip’. 👍
    I wanted to talked about John Hartford, however. ‘Gentle on My Mind’, such a complex, deeply, beautifully written piece,…
    But,…ALL OTHER John Hardford, I’ve ever heard,..
    was TOTALLY,…’other'(!).
    …altho,..much loved. 🤭



    Norman Blake was his ‘spiel-buddy’, as well,..🤔
    an un-usual mix! https://youtu.be/G9zcxHZG5OY

    ‘How?’,..ghis happened?!!?,..
    I REALLY wonder about.
    Really…. 🤔

    A pleasent day, we wish you.

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