5 thoughts on “Does It Need Our Help?

  1. Thanks Pearl! ..i was feeling a bit stupid here, as well!..,!

    It took me a while to figure this one out.

    ‘Kill SOCIAL Norms!’


    “Does it need our help?”….a good question Jack(!).

    I don’t have the answer, to this, for you,..

    BUT(!..!), I would suggest: ‘Penmanship for grafitti artists’.


    Have a nice day Jack.

    p.s.: Strawberrys are ripe(!),
    …Cherrys are starting to turn dark(!..!),
    Life’s good.
    (..somehow,…we should make THIS our ‘social norm’! 🙃)

  2. 🤔 ‘me’ again. 🤗,…sorry.

    One thing that WOULD ‘help’,
    is if we would ‘change’ our choice of words,…’language’.
    ,..i think.

    It strikes me, that ‘our’ society seems to associate ‘change’,

    “Kill this..”
    “Kill that..”

    The expression “to kill it”,
    is actually, in OUR dictionary as,..”to succeed”(!) listed!

    Going farther,..
    to ‘change things’,..
    we never speak of inacting “change”,….
    We,..declare,..’war’, on something.

    War on Crime.
    War on poverty.
    War on Hunger.
    War on drugs.
    War on…..

    ‘Social norms’ are expressed in the society a social language.
    Maybe,…by changing our ‘language’,..choice of words,..
    we could change our society?
    ..if we want to…?

    Just a thought..

    An interesting study might be:
    observing countrys,..societys,
    with lower levels of violence,..
    and seeing what Words and Images they use,
    in their languages,
    for ‘change’.

    ….got me going today Jack(!),
    …your own fault!

    • Thanks for the thoughtful comments, Dennis.

      The idea here for me was that we didn’t need to kill social norms, since they have been pretty much obliterated in the past few years…It seemed to me like kind of a redundant call to action.

      And agreed about the “war” metaphors: I’m not a fan of the “war on this” and the “war on that,” a “war on” everything except for a “war on war.” It’s a pretty tired, limiting way to approach a problem.

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