Michael Potato

Because: waste not, want not;

Because: the Indians used every part of the buffalo;

Because: children are starving in China;

I took a scene that I had to cut out from the last draft of my novel in progress, The Longest Winter of Holly Walker, and recorded it as its own little set piece. It was broadcast yesterday on the Arts Express program on radio station WBAI 99.5 FM NYC. You can listen to the audio as it was broadcast by clicking on the orange button above.

8 thoughts on “Michael Potato

  1. Thanks for listening, Brian. I’ve been learning a lot about radio production in the past year, and really enjoy it. Do you use any kind of sound mixing software when you make your cartoons? I use Audacity, and I would think that something like it could be very useful for your work as well.

    • I use audacity sometimes, but most of the voices in my toons are computer text generated. I prefer using real voices unfortunately the people I want to use don’t have a very good recording microphone. I bought a MP3 Recorder that I can hook up to a phone or laptop so may start recording via Skype; that is if they have accounts.

  2. Your story has tantalized my imagination… into going in a different direction. I will give the matter some thought.

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