Knights of The Magic Castle




The Magic Castle is a legendary magic club in Los Angeles where magicians hang out and perform for the general public. Magician Steve Spill, who I interviewed for WBAI radio, has a new book out called I Lie for Money. In it, among other things,  he talks about his time as a a young teen performing and raising hell with the greats at the Castle. In the interview, Spill spoke with me about his experiences at the Castle, but in the editing of the piece for general audiences, some of the most interesting parts for magicians necessarily got cut out. You can listen to some of those missing outtakes by clicking on the grey triangle above.  WBAI should be running the rest of the interview in a couple of weeks from now, and I’ll post it up on the blog after its broadcast.

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  1. Terrific stuff. I’ve known Steve since his teen years. I did not make it into the book, since I am just a CPA, no glamour, but Steve is a giant talent, and I love his book. Everyone should read it. Steve knows an enormous amount and is a great story teller. Support Steve and Magicopolis and, of course, Bo!

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