Marcie At Work

Work_in_progressHere’s another outtake from my forthcoming novel, The Longest Winter of Holly Walker, that was broadcast on radio station WBAI 99.5FM yesterday on Arts Express. They had to cut out a little bit that was too sexy for afternoon radio, but you can hear the unexpurgated version by clicking on the grey triangle below.

You can hear an earlier excerpt here.

2 thoughts on “Marcie At Work

  1. Well done, Jackie! Great character development. Can’t wait to read the whole book. Do you have a synopsis of the novel, so that we can put these scenes into a larger context?

    I also liked the reading to Del Shannon. That’s always been a favorite of mine.

  2. Thanks, Bev. No, no synopsis yet, I’m still fiddling and revising. In fact, much as I love Marcie, she is a minor character (as is Michael), and because I was giving her too much time in the book, sadly this scene had to go. It’s one of the interesting things I’ve discovered–if you want your major characters to be major characters, you can’t let your minor ones overshadow them.

    Since I didn’t want the scene to go completely to waste, I put together this audio piece, and Prairie Miller, the host of Arts Express, was kind enough to play it.

    Glad you liked the Del Shannon back-up! Some days, that song plays in my head for hours at a time!

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