4 thoughts on “My One-Sentence Fiction Seminar:

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    I encountered this sentence earlier this week, and I find it to so simply state the truth of the fiction I read, write, watch, and love.

    The names, places, circumstances, and even the languages may be invented, but the actions and experiences must be real in order to drive the story. The iconic moments and stories – from “Luke, I am your father” to “I’ll never let go, Jack” – stay with us because we identify with them. We see ourselves, or who we were, or who we want to be. We see our fears. We see our triumphs. We see us in these stories.

    The verbs make the stories about more than places or times or characters. The verbs, when they are true, make the stories about humanity. The verbs push and pull, create and destroy, paint and paint again stories of human nature.

    The verbs keep us together. Grammatically and thematically.

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