Apocalypse Animated

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Animator, Director, Artist, Scapegoat Nina Paley recently completed her Apocalypse Animated project–that is, her unique animations (illuminations?) as applied to the Book of Revelations. She then took the animations and repurposed them to the short three minute video above.

See the whole project at https://apocalypseanimated.com/

And you can hear an interview I did years ago with Ms. Paley here

The Amazing CGI Machines Of Andreas Wannerstedt


Wonderfully soothing and endlessly fascinating, these hyper-realistic motion graphics from Swedish designer Andreas Wannerstedt are hypnotically engaging.

You can read about Wannerstedt and enjoy more of his work at https://www.andreaswannerstedt.se/

Thanks to YouTuber Hemant Sharma

Tabernaculous: Exodus 19-40


Here’s animator Nina Paley’s  newest installment of her Seder Masochism project. Moses go back up Mount Sinai and brings back the tablets. Complications, compromises, and circumcisions ensue.  Click on the video above to watch.

You can hear my radio interview with Nina Paley here.

Exodus 19-40:


Seder Masochism


WBAI interview:



Here is the interview I conducted with artist/animator/free culture activist Nina Paley which was broadcast on WBAI 99.5 FM NY radio yesterday.

I’ve posted about the brilliant Ms. Paley before, and you can learn a lot more about her and her latest project, Seder Masochism, by listening to the audio above. I think you’ll enjoy it. The video above is one more segment of the Seder Masochism project.

She also has some very non-mainstream views about copyright, which have served her well. I’d love to hear your comments about that and anything else.

This Land Is Mine


Nina Paley is a brilliant animator/cartoonist whose work is simultaneously smart, beautiful, and provocative. She is probably best known for her epic video called Sita Sings The Blues. There’s nothing quite like her animation videos. This short film above, This Land is Mine, about the violence in Israel/Palestine over the past centuries is a fine example of her oeuvre. Click on the video to play.

Surreal Apocalypse: Part 2

Cartoonist Brian Douglas continues with part 2 of his animated interpretation of the stage combat scene from Marisol in which I performed. Not only is he a talented artist, but he makes his acting debut in a Hitchcockian cameo appearance . . . Part 1 can be found here.

Full Moon Cartoon: Surreal Apocalypse

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that I did a scene in my stage combat class playing a very strange fellow, Lenny, from a play called Marisol.

A very talented cartoonist, Brian Douglas, was tickled by what he saw, and, unsolicited, he made a cartoon from the first few minutes of the scene, dubbing in the actors’ voices. The sound quality is a little off, because of the sound quality of the original cellphone video, but I think you’ll be very entertained at Brian’s animated interpretation. He really captures the lunacy of it all in a short two minutes.

You can compare with the original scene here.

Maybe if we ask nicely, he’ll come up with Part Two . . .