Apocalypse Animated

(Click on the video to play)

Animator, Director, Artist, Scapegoat Nina Paley recently completed her Apocalypse Animated project–that is, her unique animations (illuminations?) as applied to the Book of Revelations. She then took the animations and repurposed them to the short three minute video above.

See the whole project at https://apocalypseanimated.com/

And you can hear an interview I did years ago with Ms. Paley here

The Future Is Now


Here at Shalblog Industries®, we generally strive to keep an upbeat tone. However, every once in a while we indulge in a darker mood. But not to worry, soon it will be a whole brand new year, and the little midget from Annie will be belting out “Tomorrow” yet again.

Leonard Cohen, with a song more prescient than even he could know, back in 1992 when he wrote “The Future.”

Thanks to YouTuber a1000kissesdeep