Monday morning, we give thanks that we were born into the time of Judy Collins singing Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne,” as perfect a match between singer and song as there will ever be. Here she is at Tanglewood in 1968.

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Famous Blue Raincoat: Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen’s brilliant triangle song has just the right amount of ambiguity and just the right amount of truth for everyone to read in their own story. The kind of song that has so many great lines, you argue with friends over which one you like best.

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The Future Is Now


Here at Shalblog Industries®, we generally strive to keep an upbeat tone. However, every once in a while we indulge in a darker mood. But not to worry, soon it will be a whole brand new year, and the little midget from Annie will be belting out “Tomorrow” yet again.

Leonard Cohen, with a song more prescient than even he could know, back in 1992 when he wrote “The Future.”

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“Our Steps Will Always Rhyme…”


Leonard Cohen and Judy Collins singing Cohen’s “Hey That’s No Way to Say Good-Bye.” I like this version better than either of each artist’s solo take because of the beautiful harmony here by Judy Collins.

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The Stranger Song: Leonard Cohen


Every song from Cohen’s album Songs of Leonard Cohen was haunting, but this was the song that I imagined myself to be, as I lay on my bed in my dark college dorm room.

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Like A Bird On The Wire


It’s rare that I think a cover is better than the original, but this performance of Leonard Cohen’s “Bird On The Wire” is stunning. It is sung by Esther Ofarim, an Israeli singer, new to me, who has long followed Cohen’s music. For me, this is even better than Judy Collins’s version.