Monday morning, we give thanks that we were born into the time of Judy Collins singing Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne,” as perfect a match between singer and song as there will ever be. Here she is at Tanglewood in 1968.

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Suite: Judy Blue Eyes


When Steve Stills sung this paean to his about-to-be-ex, Judy Collins, it was one of the most audacious and brilliant love songs from a 60s folk rock band. This cover, by Josh Turner on six string guitar, Tanner Walter on 12 string guitar and Myles Pinder on the high parts, is frighteningly good.

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“Our Steps Will Always Rhyme…”


Leonard Cohen and Judy Collins singing Cohen’s “Hey That’s No Way to Say Good-Bye.” I like this version better than either of each artist’s solo take because of the beautiful harmony here by Judy Collins.

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Both Sides Now, Live: Judy Collins


Even if you well remember the Judy Collins version of this Joni Mitchell penned classic, stay until the end of this live 1987 performance by Collins and be prepared to be blown away.

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My Father


I wore out the Judy Collinss In My Life album when I was in college, the album with “Suzanne” and “Marat/Sade” on it. All the songs on that and previous recordings were written by people other than herself, but Judy Collins, an amazing interpreter, always made those songs her own. Later on, she started to write her own songs, songs that no one else could have written. Here is one of those self-penned songs, “My Father,” so exquisitely performed that you don’t believe her when she says it isn’t autobiographical.

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Canadian Goodness

I’ve been taken to task lately for my ignorance of things Canadian, so today I celebrate our colony neighbor to the North, Canada.

Okay, so Judy is not Canadian, but she is from Seattle, which is practically the same thing. And Ian and Sylvia, well they’re practically the goddam royalty of Canada.

(And if you want more than a token musical insight into Canada, give a look at John Macnab’s Anatomy of Teaching blog, listed over there on the left).