Calendar Girl

Back in the days before the Internet, the most common way to obtain the lyrics to a song was to play the record over and over obsessively (which you were probably doing anyway). The problem with this method, however, was that it was inevitable that you couldn’t make some of the words out, and you would embarrass yourself by singing the wrong words.

So plan number two was to buy a monthly magazine—I forget its name, maybe someone can remember—which printed the lyrics of the top twenty songs of the month. I remember being so excited to find this magazine. I posted a list of the top ten songs on my bedroom wall, and sung all the songs in order, pretending I was both the WMCA DJ and the radio pop singers.

This song by Neil Sedaka was the first song I remember learning from the magazine. I thought, at eight years old, that it was the epitome of brilliant songwriting.

Monday starts the week off fine. Click on the video to play.

Thanks to YouTuber nucker2001

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