Still Crazy After All These Years


In the mid-60s, comedian Soupy Sales had a local daily children’s show in the days of live television on WNEW in NYC; there was a freedom and sense of chaos on his program that appealed to my anarchic junior high school heart. If I rushed home quickly enough, I’d be able to catch Soupy, Pookie, White Fang, Black Tooth, and the rest of the gang doing the expected unexpected. Click on the video above to watch some rare footage and foolishness.

6 thoughts on “Still Crazy After All These Years

    • Yes, indeed. And if I remember correctly, she and a high school friend bought a bolt of polka-dot fabric and a ton of elastic band and manufactured Soupy Sales ties for public sale. I wonder how many they ended up selling. Maybe Vivienne will drop by and let us know.

  1. I remember that we made ourselves the signature Soupy Sales ties but I don’t remember selling the ties though that sounds like something we would have done! Soupy was very friendly and he took us to a cafe after the interview. Anyway I enjoyed the clip you posted!

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