4 thoughts on “Service Call

  1. Cute! Also apropos of the 2.5 hours I just spent online trying to get a hotel reservation using my United Mileage Plus miles. I did finally get it. But in the process I also ended up booking a hotel instead for a charge of $607!! But there is no way to cancel that one!! United.com claims the hotel site has nothing to do with them even though I made the reservation on their website!! The hotel says they did not book it and cannot cancel it. The number the hotel gave me to call puts you through a circle and then cuts you off–twice!! I was shaking with anxiety after the 2.5 hours and still was unable to cancel it. I have until 7/21 to do it so I am taking a break. But I am so frustrated. These guys are “available 0/0”!!!

    Signed, Ms. Frustrated!!

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