6 thoughts on “Backlash Blues: Langston Hughes and Nina Simone

  1. Thank you, Jack!  I’ve seen a wonderful documentary on Nina Simone, but this video was not included.  Awesome archival gem.  This should be sent to Gary Byrd GBE show on Friday.

    • Hi!

      I had just finished watching that documentary that you mentioned on Netflix, but they only showed part of Simone’s performance of this song. Nevertheless, I was blown away by it. Fortunately, there was this video footage on YouTube from a performance she did in England in 1968.

  2. Hello Jack, Thank you! I just heard song ‘Backlash Blues’ played on WGBO radio. Wanting to hear it again, I did a search and your amazing site popped up! Didn’t know about the documentary on Netflix. Will visit you again.

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