Best First School Day Ever


Watch how the The West Des Moines Community School teachers turn their opening day meeting into a hilarious, inspiring gathering with this Les Miz parody.

Click on the video to  play.

Thanks to YouTuber Greg Hudson


2 thoughts on “Best First School Day Ever

  1. It is very clever and well done and also well filmed. But, to be honest, it makes me cringe. I AM SO GLAD NOT TO BE A TEACHER HAVING TO RETURN TO THAT SYSTEM–even though I created some of the best classes imaginable (I can prove it!!☺)– I am so glad to be out of the hypocrisy, the need to laugh and smile at officials and their ridiculous PD hirerees who we were forced to listen to, at the frustration of trying to do ANYTHING positive as a Delegate to reform the UFT and in the DA, to get the faculty in my school to pay attention to what they needed to notice–all these and more negative feelings are so passionately rooted in my consciousness right now that I do not even like to* be around *a school when it dismisses at the end of the day or even get off at the subway stop of CAS.

    Sorry to be so negative. I did end up with a good pension and retirement account. So that is positive. New teachers will not have either *and* will have to work 27 years instead of 25 before they can retire with full benefits here in NYC. I wonder what it is like for those teachers in Des Moines. Did you notice how many grey-haired people there were in that audience???

    Fond regards anyway!! 😀 The thing did remind me of how happy I am to be out of there!!! And I will never have to go back!!!!! :))

  2. Life within a dysfunctional system can be pretty traumatic at times—as you know I had to get out from full-time teaching as well to save my sanity. Yet there continues to be good work done by individuals even as so much needs to be changed.

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