Lady Came From Baltimore: Tim Hardin and Twiggy


Yes, Twiggy. A fairly odd couple, but in my opinion it’s a surprisingly lovely rendition of a Tim Hardin classic. Twiggy had a BBC program in the 70s, and Hardin was her guest.

Thanks to YouTuber WiggyVideos13

2 thoughts on “Lady Came From Baltimore: Tim Hardin and Twiggy

  1. Wow! That is a really haunting piece, like the other one by Tim Hardy was! I like Tim Hardy. I totally missed out on him back then. And Twiggy did well singing along.

    Again, with that melody and that voice, it almost doesn’t matter what the words are! It would be captivating. (Then again, I listen over and over again to Horst Wessl Lied!! because I think it is haunting as well!!–not comparing the two, of course.!) -:)

  2. Yes, exactly, the great thing about Tim Hardin is his authentic voice. There are a lot of famous people who can you find on YouTube who have covered his songs, but they generally don’t sound as good, because they sound far too slick and polished. But here’s a guy (Ron Sexsmith) who I never heard of who I think does very well:

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