Freckled Ocean


Friday morning becomes more mellow and folksy with Mike and Ruthy:

Trade your tea cup of sorrows for a morsel of delight,
Trade your apathetic afternoons for one unblinking night.
With your battle scars and beauty
and your velvet undertow
Sail, with me, the freckled ocean
Be ye friend or foe.
All my bright kites of desire tug away all day
and the wind is pulling harder than the will to stay.
Leave the anchor at the harbor
and throw away the chain.
Sail with me, the freckled ocean
past the pier of your pain.
Are ye yellow as old butter with your classroom nerves
and your youthful fears expanded like a woman’s curves.
Will you birth a better moment?
Will you kiss it on the head?
Sail with me, the freckled ocean
When you rise from bed.
When I find my love,
How will I know?
How will I know?
Will I turn to stone?
Or will I go?
Oh, Oh, Oh
The grass along the seashore
is bowing in the breeze,
Like the lashes of the bashful down upon their bended knees.
There’s the memoir of an elephant
In every tiny seed,
Sail with me, the freckled ocean,
for as long as you need.
Ooooh, Ooooh, Ooooh


Thanks to YouTuber FolkAlleydotCom

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