The Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters


Wherein Slip Mahoney (Leo Gorcey) explains to Sach (Huntz Hall) what a pasture is.

Saturday morning television memories.

Thanks to YouTuber warnerarchive

4 thoughts on “The Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters

  1. Terence Aloysius ‘Slip’ Mahoney: What are you doing?

    Horace Debussy ‘Sach’ Jones: I’m readin’.

    Terence Aloysius ‘Slip’ Mahoney: How can you read in the dark?

    Horace Debussy ‘Sach’ Jones: I went to night school!

    • I loved those guys. According to Ever-Reliable Wikipedia they made 48 movies just in the period of 12 years from 1946-1958 as The Bowery Boys.

      And they made a bunch of movies earlier as The Dead End Kids and the East Side Kids. The earlier incarnation included an African-American gang member played by Sam Morrison, who surprisingly for the time was pretty much treated as an equal in the otherwise white gang.

  2. “Gravesend”- that’s the name of the neighborhood one over from here. And where can we see the rest of the movie? thanks for posting it! love the malapropisms.

    • Yes, I enjoyed that Gravesend reference, too.

      Unfortunately, I can find almost no full length Bowery Boys movies on YouTube. However there are a bunch of the full-length Dead End Kids and East Side Kids on YouTube, most from the WWII era, and I really like them. They are less humorous than the BB ones, but they seem grittier and more about street life. Their interactions with the cops are particularly interesting and nervy. The films were very class conscious.

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