4 thoughts on “That Biz We Call Show

  1. That made me sad… for what passes as talent on… say… shows like America Got Talent, or… certain magicians who’s real talent is camera angles and post editing.

    ~end rant.

    I especially like how his assistant was a visual cue to the audience to trigger anxiety and apprehension. Always at the critical points as well.

    I’ve always considered juggling to be magic… but this was phenomenal!

    • It’s by now a commonplace that the biggest hit at any magic convention is the juggler.
      This fellow Rudy Horn just has amazing showmanship–and I definitely agree about the assistant. So good.

      • I also like how the audience warmed up to him. At first it was… ‘Oh, a juggler’ which quickly changed to ‘Oh! A Juggler!’

        Slow build up to – undivided attention.

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