5 thoughts on “What Is Jazz?

  1. Great clip Jack(!).
    Ella really comes to life when she sings(!..!).

    I always liked Miles Davis’ answer to the question:
    “What’s Jazz?”
    He’d respond:
    “If you have to ask,
    …you’ll never know.”. 😉

    Louis and Danny,
    in this clip,..
    “Who’s playing in the band?”
    (From the film: ‘Five Pennys’)

    Thanks for the nice ‘kick’,
    this morning!

    • That was great, thanks. I was always a big fan of Danny Kaye. I’m not so sure he was really a jazz man, but he certainly held his own here, and his patter songs were always delightful. Fun rhymes here, too. “Of Course-ikov!”

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