On The Road: Jack Kerouac


Kerouac reads from his seminal Beat novel on The Steve Allen Show, while Steve provides backup. This is the only known film of Kerouac reading his own work.

Thanks to YouTuber Historic Films Stock Footage Archive

4 thoughts on “On The Road: Jack Kerouac

  1. Thank you for sharing that Mr. Shalom:

    I always love hearing the poets and authors read their own work, it’s the only way to hear it live. It’s like watching an artist actually paint his masterpiece, not just viewing the finished work.

    I have never read On The Road, I just ordered it.

    In this video clip Jack looks like he could be Daniel Craig’s older brother don’t you think 🙂

    • Okay, you shamed me into it. I’m ordering the book, too. 🙂

      He was more handsome than I expected. I think I was expecting someone more dissipated looking.

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