The Weight


Monday morning the signal goes out and Josh Turner’s friends and family from around the country check in to sing this wonderful version of The Weight. That’s Josh’s dad and mom in the opening lines. Great work by Josh on putting the video together.

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6 thoughts on “The Weight

  1. It is nice! Thanks!!
    But I hear a banjo, although none is depicted. I do NOT hear the 2 horns at all, even though they WERE shown. I wonder what that means?? Hum…

    • In the credits at the end of the video, names with stars after them were listed as playing, but not appearing. That might account for the missing banjo player; although, maybe, just maybe, Josh is getting that banjo sound out of his guitar at some points.

      I do hear the sax–but it sound a little off to me. And there’s also a trumpet at around 4:17 and a bit after that I do hear, but it’s very soft and only a few notes.

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