Time Thieves

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The cliché is that time is money, and it must be true because there are plenty of folks out there looking to steal our time. My guest, Cosima Dannoritzer is the writer and director of an award-winning documentary film called Time Thieves, which takes an international look at the way time has become commodified and manipulated in modern capitalist society.

Click on the triangle above to hear the interview as broadcast today on the Arts Express radio program on WBAI 99.5 FM NYC.

4 thoughts on “Time Thieves

  1. Nice interview Jack.
    I’m sure you are familiar with:
    Max Weber’s: ‘The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism’.

    I think the ‘time-line’ began here.

    Folks looking for,…’signs’ from the heavens,..that they were ‘saved’.
    Thereby, investing their ‘todays’, for their ‘tomorrows’.

    A big snowball, that’s rolling to….

    But,…we still(!) have some of ‘it’,,in our own hands,
    I believe.
    It’s not ALL,..in the clock’s hands. (😌)

    I hope to see the film!

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    • Thanks, Dennis. Good call on Weber. It would have been interesting to hear her views on that. The bit about the railroads also really surprised me. I had no idea of the time chaos before then.


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