6 thoughts on “A Gull Who Reads Neither English Nor Spanish

  1. 🎶 I saw a sign. It said: ‘No trespassing.’
    But the other side, it didn’t say NOTHING.
    That side,.was made for you and me! 🎶
    (woody guthrie)

    You know Jack, seeing what that seagull DOES to the sign(!),…
    it JUST MIGHT understand English and Spanish!

  2. Hi, FYI, I tried to “like” and “Comment” “That’s so cute!!” to this but couldn’t do it. I thought I was doing what I always do but all I could get was a screen to sign in to WordPress, which I didn’t want to do. Hmm. Maybe it’s me? (a good bet but I thought I tried all the things I usually do….)

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