The Greatest Dance Sequence Ever?

Mikhail Baryshnikov called the Nicholas Brothers the greatest dancers he had ever seen in his life. Fred Astaire called the dance number in the clip above the greatest musical dance sequence ever captured on film. Who am I to argue?

Cab Calloway starts off the madness singing “Jumpin Jive” from the film Stormy Weather.

Thanks to YouTuber laughland

4 thoughts on “The Greatest Dance Sequence Ever?

  1. Who am I to argue.

    The most amazing thing(?),
    …at the END of the song,
    they look as fresh(!..!),
    as before they started!
    Simply amazing.

    Class. Style. Ease. Grace,…
    the basis of ‘perfection’.

    Thanks Jack.
    It’s an apreciated pleasure. šŸ’‹

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