Go Now


The Moody Blues did a great version of this song as well in 1964, but I prefer this original, with the soulful Bessie Banks, written by her husband Larry Banks.

Thanks to YouTuber Steven Michael Bogarat

3 thoughts on “Go Now

  1. I’m talking with my husband this evening about my old friend Jack Shalom. We’re enjoying perhaps the last hearth fire of the season, and an old New Year’s Eve came up in the conversation. You, Sheila, my friend Amy, and me and a spontaneous visit to Times Square. Tell me I’m right and this is you! In any case, sweet indeed to find your lovely musings here.
    Valerie Mann, Morningside Heights, 1975-ish

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    • Oh, my good lord, Valerie! This is me, indeed. It’s wonderful to hear from you. I am so glad you are well and having fond memories. “Spontaneous visits” to everywhere were always a given with Shela! You can write me if you like at jshalom at worldshare.net
      I would love to hear anything you’d like to share about your life now.


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