4 thoughts on “Graduated Lines

  1. Hey Jack. 🙂
    I know you ‘were’ a teacher,.
    a Math teacher,..
    probably a High School teacher(?).

    Whenever I see pictures of ‘kids’….graduating,
    i’m söööööö thankfull!

    I ‘blew-up’ your photo,
    ..and looked at all the faces,..i could see;
    …and wish them all the best.

    Now,…in my 60’s,
    I realize what an important step this is.
    What a period of Life,…
    13 to 18,…
    I’m still building off of it.

    The ‘bus ride’ they all took,
    has brought ’em far. 👍

    • Even though I’m not teaching, I was hoping to go to the graduation ceremony of my former school. I taught the students who are now seniors when they were freshmen. It’s sad to think I won’t get to see them walk onto the stage in front of their proud parents and get their diplomas.

    • Yes. I was a little startled to walk by there and see all those pictures. Parents were out there taking photos of their children’s graduation pictures.

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