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mixed magic Jerry Zolten

A while back, I posted about the Buster Keaton short, “Mixed Magic”.

I recently had a pleasant email exchange with noted author and producer Jerry Zolten who told me that he had picked up a one-sheet poster for the Keaton short from a collector who ran an appliance store. The collector had been deeded a bunch of movie posters by the daughter of a movie house owner who didn’t know what to do with the extra posters lying around, so she gave them to him.

Jerry kindly gave me permission to display the poster here.

Jerry is a very interesting guy, and in addition to teaching university courses on stand-up comedy and the roots of rock ‘n’ roll he produced a remarkable audio documentary about the music and radio of the Vietnam War. It’s so difficult to capture the true spirit of a former time, but if you were alive at the time, this will give you flashbacks:

I highly recommend you take a listen.

6 thoughts on “Poster Boy

  1. I’ve started listening, eager to continue. Extraordinary project. Thank you for posting, Jack.

  2. P.S. The film club at the library where I work will be discussing Keaton’s “Our Hospitality” next month. Special treat to see Mixed Magic here.

    • Thanks, Valerie. What a pleasure for your library patrons. Are the libraries open where you live, or is this over the internet? Here in NYC, the libraries are still closed.

      • Indeed, we remain closed as well. Virtual Film Club is one of our many pandemic-inspired creations. You can see more of what we’re up to here Libraries all over the country are proving the profession’s resilience, inventiveness, and dedication to their communities! Yikes…didn’t mean to become an advertisement!

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