The Bristol Stomp: The Dovells

Monday morning, the kids in Bristol take over. I had the 45 RPM record of this when I was in grade school.

You may recognize the MC as the Dovells’ fellow Philadelphian, Chubby Checker.

Bristol refers to Bristol, PA. And what performers wouldn’t kill for an enthusiastic audience as in the video? The youth, the sheer energy…LOL.

Thanks to YouTuber James Birkett


2 thoughts on “The Bristol Stomp: The Dovells

  1. Hey Jack,..Thanks(!).
    (Gotta love Chubby Checker!j

    I’d never heard of these guys before,
    …guess they were,
    …WAY before MY time..πŸ˜‹
    (hee hee heeee!)

    But ‘googling them,
    I read THIS(!):
    “The Dovells performed at both of President Bill Clinton’s inaugural balls, with Clinton guest appearing on saxophone. In 1991, Len Barry reunited with The Dovells twice.”

    So,…add Bill Clinton(!) to the ‘membership roster’! πŸ™ƒ

    Wish you guys a nice week. πŸ’‹

    • Thanks, Dennis. That’s surprising about The Dovells performing at the inaugural balls. It’s not like they had more than two or three hits, as I recall. And certainly by 1992, I would reckon about .00000002% of the population had any idea who they were. But once you get that opening riff in your head, it’s hard to forget it, even a lifetime later.

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