The Bristol Stomp: The Dovells

Monday morning, the kids in Bristol take over. I had the 45 RPM record of this when I was in grade school.

You may recognize the MC as the Dovells’ fellow Philadelphian, Chubby Checker.

Bristol refers to Bristol, PA. And what performers wouldn’t kill for an enthusiastic audience as in the video? The youth, the sheer energy…LOL.

Thanks to YouTuber James Birkett


Pretty Little Angel Eyes


It’s Monday morning, summer of 1961, Evergreen Avenue in Bradley Beach, New Jersey to be exact, and the kid across the street has hauled out his record player to the front porch and is playing Curtis Lee’s “Pretty Little Angel Eyes,” over and over, far into the night, the fireflies flashing in syncopated time, stopped only by the sound of the approaching ice cream truck …

Thanks to YouTuber brianfromLI

Stairway to Heaven


No, not that one. Monday morning in 1960 and Led Zeppelin is not even a blip on the horizon. It’s AM radio and it’s all about Neil Sedaka. Gotta love that saxophone break.

Well-a, Well-a, Well-a Thanks to YouTuber jim rackitts