Dejeuner Sur L’herbe

Manet’s painting at the bottom, and above, two views of the three-dimensional representation at the Garden For Sculpture. You can join me in an audio tour of the garden here.

4 thoughts on “Dejeuner Sur L’herbe

  1. Thanks Jack(!).
    I’ve actually never seen this painting before. (😳)
    I like it,.
    ..but I did,..MUST, wonder:
    “What were the two guys talking about?”

    p.s.: On a funnier note:
    Wouldn’t it be funny, a book with a collection of ‘famous paintings’;
    and ‘explainations’ (☺️) telling,….’what was REALLY going on’. πŸ˜„
    …in the painting.
    ,…’an Artists explaination’.

    One could really let the comic fantasy run!

    Have a nice day Jack,
    ..and thanks. πŸ‘

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