Small Day Tomorrow: Janis Siegel

Janis Siegel’s name is new to me, but after hearing her sing this Fran Landesman/Bob Dorough song, I am definitely a fan.

Sometimes I hear a strong lyric and I smile, because I can imagine the songwriter knowing she has hit gold with a great idea. Bob Dorough, the composer of this song, told in an interview how his writing partner, Fran Landesman, came upon the lyric. One night Fran and her husband were out drinking with some wealthy business people, and one of the puffed-up men suddenly downed his drink and peremptorily said, “Folks, I have to get going, I have a big day tomorrow” And Fran’s husband drawled, “Well, I think I’ll stay. I have a small day tomorrow.” And of course, as soon as they got home, Fran knew that was the hook of a great song, wrote down the line and finished writing the lyrics. Bob Dorough says as soon as he got the lyrics from Fran, the melody practically wrote itself.

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3 thoughts on “Small Day Tomorrow: Janis Siegel

  1. A wonderful singer, with the Manhattan Transfer. Fran Landesman was a wonderful lyricist and poet. Check out songs recorded by Irene Kral, also Jackie and Roy. The music label has some wonderful Landesman lyric recordings. And Bob Dorough is well known for Conjunction Junction and some great recordings with Dave Frishberg. Some of my favorite musicians. I could go on for hours. Thanks for the wonderful music break. Keep it up Mr. Shalom.

      • She wrote many songs with Tommy Wolf, these are great songs also. This is a great CD: RONNY WHYTE
        WHYTE WOLF / THE SONGS OF TOMMY WOLF. I think my first introduction to Fran Landesman is from Mark Murphy’s Bop For Kerouac album (listening to it right now) with the song Ballad of the Sad Young Men. It brings me to the beatnik days, which I am too young to have lived, but, had I been around in those days, I think I might have been a beatnik. Thanks for all the memories you share. And your magic tips are great.

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