Art At A Time Like This: Ministry of Truth

Enough! by Terry Berkowitz

At a time like this, when we are pretty much limited in our ability to see art in traditional indoor museum settings, I was happy to stumble over the website Art At A Time Like This. Created almost exactly a year ago, in March of 2020, a month I think we all remember, Barbara Pollack and Anne Verhallen set to work creating an internet art museum. One of their first projects was to document an outdoor billboard project called “Ministry of Truth” that addresses the increasingly authoritarian direction of our culture and politics.

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You can visit Art At A Time Like This here:

Outdoor Life

Two weeks ago I drove down to the wonderful Garden for Sculpture, an outdoor sculpture museum in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, which features, among many others, the works of Seward Johnson and three-dimensional sculptural reproductions of paintings by Monet and Manet. I bought my timed tickets online, stuffed some COVID masks in my pocket, and jumped into the car. So come along with me on this little adventure, and you can join me virtually as I head down the highway and tour the Garden For Sculpture, on location.

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A Copperfield Virtual Tour




The New-York Historical Society recently opened a small exhibition on the history of magic in New York, drawn from the vast private David Copperfield Collection. An unannounced surprise at the opening was the presence of Copperfield himself, who gave us a short guided tour of the exhibit (as Homer Liwag toiled in the background, putting last minute touches on the exhibit).

You can listen to Copperfield’s commentary, as broadcast yesterday on the Arts Express radio program on WBAI 99.5 FM, by clicking on the grey triangle above.