4 thoughts on “Ella and Duke

  1. After watching this, and thinking about other times
    I have seen Ella Fitzgerald sing;
    I have to say:
    The nicest thing about her was,
    she gave a lotta other folks a job!
    …..’cause she didn’t need ANY of ’em!..!

    Literally(!), as well as Technically,
    NO ONE could ‘stand’ on a stage,
    with her(!),…
    not even BEHIND her!
    (looksy for yourself!)

    What a power(!..!), to wake up to….
    on the monday morning.
    Can the week get any better?

    Thanks Jack,
    i’ll try.

    • I once got to ask Maurice Hines what he learned from Ella, who was on the same bill as him in the nightclubs. He laughed and said you can’t learn anything from her–you just watch in awe. She’s a phenomenon.

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