The Real Chaplin

It’s the 100th anniversary of Charlie Chaplin’s first full-length feature, The Kid, and that’s as good  an excuse as any to celebrate all of his films. But who was Chaplin off-screen? A new Showtime documentary, The Real Chaplin directed by Peter Middleton and James Spinney purports to get to the bottom of the real Charlie Chaplin…does it?

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2 thoughts on “The Real Chaplin

    • The photo in the post is from Limelight. Buster Keaton appeared in that film where the two of them, supposedly both old-time vaudeville clowns, come out of retirement to do a vaudeville sketch for charity together. The story goes–whether it’s true or not I don’t know–is that Chaplin shot reels and reels of that scene and then only selected a brief few minute because he was afraid of being shown up by Keaton.

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