Gun Show!

The American mass obsession with guns is clearly unique and filmmaker Richard Chisolm has made an intriguing short documentary called Gun Show which details one artist’s attempt to come to grips with the national gun worship.

Click on the triangle above or the mp3 link to hear my review as broadcast today on the Arts Express radio program heard on WBAI FM NYC and Pacifica affiliates across the nation.

4 thoughts on “Gun Show!

  1. GREAT(!) piece Jack.

    Great piece.

    My BIGGEST fear is the United States ‘exporting’ this obsession.

    They seem, in the moment to love poking bee hives, in other folks gardens….
    standing at a distance,..
    and selling flame-throwers and bull-dosers.

    Sometimes I go to sleep wishing Donald would have COMPLETED(!) the fence(!). ALL AROUND THE U.S.!

    ….to keep the Americans IN(!..!),
    and the rest of us safe!

    (YOU could naturally come out, though,
    …..on weekends. 😚)

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